Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swedish Stars!

Jag hittade en rolig intervju med mina gamla adepter Adam och Wille Westlund som är i väg och spelar U17 VM.

Hello Everyone! My Name Is Andrew Papadopoulos, And Welcome Back To Another Edition Of The Foreign Corner At The World U-17 Hockey Challenge! On January The 1st, New Year's Day, I Spoke With 2 Of Team Sweden's Key Players. Both Of Them Had Excellent English (Like Most Swedes Do) And Were Happy, After Defeating Team Germany 5-2 At Tecumseh Arena. The 2 Players Are Brynas IF's Adam Brodecki And Färjestad's Wilhelm Westlund. Both Players Are From Stockholm, Sweden. Adam Currently Has 3 Goals And 1 Assist In 4 Games Played While Wilhelm Has 1 Assist In 3 Games Played. We Talked To The Speedy Forward Adam First So Let's See What He Had To Say...

FC)How Do You Think You Have Done So Far In This Tournament? Are You Satisfied With Your Preformance? Why Or Why Not?
A.B)"Well I Think I Play Good First Game Versus Pacific, But Than Our Line Against Ontario I Score 1 Goal, For Quebec I Score Score 1 Goal And We Try Hard And Try To Do Good Every Shift."
FC)In Your Opinion How Do You Think You Played Tonight And How Do You Think Your Team Played Tonight? What Do You Think Was Good And What Needs Improvement?
A.B)"I Think We Start To Play Well Than After 10 Minutes We Weren't As Focused But Overall I Think We Did Good Job But I Think We Need To Have Quicker Speed And Crash The Net Harder."
FC)There Are Alot Of Highly Skilled Swedish Players Over Here In The CHL, Do You Think If You Are Picked In The Import Draft, You Might Come Over And Join The Crew Already Over Here?
A.B)"Well I Haven't Thought About It Yet, I Am Right Now Focusing On My New Team In Sweden But You Never Know, It's Intresting."

PLAYER NAME-Adam Brodecki
BORN-February 22 1995
TEAM-Brynas IF (Swe)
CHL-Eligible In 2012

Now Let's Here What Hard Working Defenseman Wilhelm Westlund Had To Say...

FC)How Do You Think You Played Tonight? Were You Impressed You And Your Team's Play?
W.W)"It's Not Our Best Game Tonight But Sometimes You Win And That's The Important Thing, We Get Better And Better, Our Goalie Save Us Sometimes."
FC)Can You Describe What Kind Of Defenseman You Are And Do You Have A Player You Like To Play Like?
W.W)"I'm Like To Have The Puck Much, I'm An Offensive Defenseman, I Try To Play Like Jonas Brodin (#25 On Team Sweden's World Junior Team And 1st Round Pick Of The Minnesota Wild In 2011 Picked 10th Overall) And He's Good Defenseman And I Try To Play Like Him."
FC)Are You Considering Coming Over To North America Next Year To Play Or Are You Planning On Staying Home? Why Or Why Not?
W.W)"I Think I'm Going To Stay Home For A Couple Years But Just Wait Until NHL Draft."

PLAYER NAME-Wilhelm Westlund
BORN-March 15 1995
TEAM- Färjestad (Swe)
CHL-Eligible In 2012

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